Apple Dumping Samsung for Panasonic?

It goes without saying that Apple and Samsung aren’t the best of friends. But because technology often makes for strange bedfellows, Apple and Samsung are frequently forced to work together.

This reality, however, may soon change.

“According to industry sources,” the Korea Times published Monday, “Apple has not collaborated with Samsung in the process to develop its A6 microprocessor used in its latest iPhone 5.”

Apple is still relying on the Korean firm to manufacture its chips but has made it clear it will no longer use its rival’s technology, according to a senior Samsung official.

“Samsung’s agreement with Apple is limited to manufacturing the A6 processors,” the report reads. “Apple did all the design and we are just producing the chips on a foundry basis.”

Apple is expected to use Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) help eliminate Samsung in this role.

Additionally, on Tuesday, reports from Japan indicated that Panasonic may leave the TV market in order to work with Apple on its iPad line. The sources maintain that Panasonic wants to shift its focus toward smaller LCD displays.

In other words, If Panasonic takes this direction, Apple would probably be eager and willing to push Samsung – a current provider of iPad displays – out of the picture even more.