Apple Devices Blamed for Spike in New York Crime Rate

Apple devices are “hot”… and we mean that both in terms of retail sales and street lingo for stolen property.

iPhone and iPad related thefts are being blamed for the first reported increase in New York City crime in two decades.

Based on freshly released data from the New York City Police Department, Apple-related crimes are up 40% in 2012. From street-related crimes to home, office, and vehicle break-ins, criminals are looking for iDevices with an unrivaled passion.

”Overall crime in the five boroughs is up 3% so far this year, driven by the thefts of Apple products,” Paul Browne, a spokesperson for the New York Police Department, reveals.

Browne says there was actually a “slight decline in crime citywide”… if you don’t count the spike in Apple product crimes.

If anything, police add, this data should serve as a reminder to be vigilant with your iDevices and keep them under a watchful eye at all times.