Apple Debuts Touch ID for Unprecedented Security with iPhone 5S

Apple Debuts Touch ID for Unprecedented Security with iPhone 5SDelivering an unprecedented degree of smartphone security, Apple today confirmed that the forthcoming iPhone 5S will feature a new fingerprint-scanning technology called Touch ID.

The scanner, which is located in the iPhone 5S’s home button, can scan and ID the user’s fingerprint. Understandably, this feature is billed as being a safer and more reliable option than password protection.

The move is expected to dramatically boost smartphone security as more than half of all iPhone users don’t presently use a passcode, according to Apple.

In terms of specs, the new fingerprint scanner is 170 microns thin, has a 500ppi resolution, serves up a 360º reading capability, and can even scan the “sub-epidermal” layers of human skin.

Apple made a special effort this morning to explain that user fingerprint information is never uploaded to a remote server.

“All fingerprint [data] is encrypted,” pledged Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller, “and secured inside a secure enclave. It’s never available to other to other software. It’s never uploaded to Apple’s servers or backed up to iCloud.”