Apple Cuts Samsung Some Slack on Galaxy S III Mini

In a rare move Friday, Apple withdrew a patent claim against longtime tech rival Samsung as the claims pertained to the Galaxy S III Mini.

Samsung, however, did its fair share to prompt the withdrawal.

Court documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune indicate that Apple is dropping its patent claims against Samsung’s Galaxy S III Mini smartphone in response to Samsung’s stated intention to not import or sell the device in the U.S.

Samsung started selling the Mini in Europe in October to compete with Apple’s iPhone 5. In its filing on Friday in U.S. District Court, for the Northern District of California, Apple said its lawyers were able to purchase “multiple units” of the Mini from Inc’s U.S. retail site and have them delivered in the United States.

Samsung now maintains that it is not “making, using, selling, offering to sell or importing the Galaxy S III Mini in the United States.”

Apple will keep its patent claim withdrawn “so long as the current withdrawal will not prejudice Apple’s ability later to accuse the Galaxy S III Mini if the factual circumstances change.”