Apple Claims Commanding Share of Chinese Tablet Market

Despite the undeniable reality that Apple is rapidly losing it’s once commanding global share of the tablet market to Android, it’s a different story altogether in China.

Based on the latest data from Analysis International, 2.6 million tablets were sold in China during the previous quarter. Of these sales, Apple’s iPad accounted for 71.4% of them.

Lenovo finished second, according to Reuters, accounting for only 10.5% of all sales.

Tablet and smartphone sales in China have soared in recent years as prices drop and users look for cheaper gadgets to allow them access to the Internet. China has the world’s largest Internet and mobile markets by number of users.

Although Apple’s iPad has stolen the show in China, the nation itself has seen exceptional growth as a tablet market. In fact, China’s tablet PC market expanded by 62.5 percent year-over-year in the third quarter.