Apple CEO Steve Jobs Victim of April Fools Day Stunt

Happy April Fools Day, Steve Jobs!

The venerable Apple CEO appears to be the victim of a nasty rumor that surfaced on the prank-filled annual occasion today. But it’s a safe bet that Mr. Jobs isn’t laughing.

From tech blogs to mainstream media outlets, the rumor mill is cranking out a big one this Friday afternoon.

According to reports that are obviously of a dubious nature, Steve Jobs is resigning as CEO of Apple. Although the origin of the rumor is unclear, Twitter is running with it and sparking rampant speculation across the microblogging platform.

For now, there is no evidence to suggest that such reports contain even the slightest hints of truth.

Two months ago, it should be recalled, when Steve Jobs announced yet another medical leave from Apple, rumors abounded that Jobs was either close to resignation or death. Luckily, neither event has proven accurate.

One month ago, in fact, Steve Jobs shocked the tech world when he turned up to unveil the iPad 2 at the second-generation tablet’s grand unveiling.

All told, the tech blogosphere is teeming with rumors on a daily basis – but today more than usual. And, for that reason alone, its a safe bet that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is, indeed, staying put.