Apple Bolsters iCloud Security Notifications

Apple Bolsters iCloud Security NotificationsFollowing the recent celebrity photo leak believed to be the result of an iCloud security breach, Apple is going to great lengths to ensure that iCloud users are confident in the security of the storage service.

Specifically, Apple is stepping up measures to help iCloud users relax a bit.

On Monday, MMW readers began reaching out to us with information regarding Apple’s latest efforts. As it turns out, Apple now emails users whenever their iCloud account is accessed through a web browser.

“If you recently signed in to, you can disregard this email,” Apple Support states in the message. “If you have not signed in to recently and believe someone may have accessed your account, you should reset your password at My Apple ID.”

Apple maintains that iCloud is safe and the recent celebrity hack was merely the result of targeted attempts and not an iCloud-wide security breakdown.