Apple Blows Past $600 Billion Market Cap

If it seems just like yesterday when Apple’s market cap was a paltry $500 billion, you’re not far off. Indeed, Apple’s market cap has ballooned faster than my waistline at a Vegas buffet. But if you’re a share holder, it’s been a delightful ride that may only have just begun.

On Tuesday, Apple’s reached a market capitalization of just over $600 billion. If the stock closes at or above $643.53 today, Apple will be only the second company in history to reach that lofty mark. The first was Microsoft, which hit $604 billion almost thirteen years ago.

Incredibly, it was only on February 28, 2012 when Apple’s market cap topped $500 billion.

“Apple’s market capitalization is now the largest in the world by far,” says John Paczkowski of All Things D, “dwarfing even that of oil juggernaut Exxon Mobil, which held that title for ages. And, as I’ve written before, a $1 trillion market cap seems less outrageous every day.”