Apple Backs Away from Claims of Looming ‘Revolutionary’ Product

What a difference a day can make for the rumor mill.

Early this morning, the blogosphere was buzzing when word broke that well-known French designer Phillippe Starck asserted that Apple is working on a “revolutionary” product that will be introduced before year’s end.

Starck maintains that he met on a number of occasions with Steve Jobs shortly before the iconic Apple chief passed away last October. During the meetings, Starck says, the two vicionaries hashed out the details of a project that Starck seemed to be referencing today.

But not so fast says Apple. All Things D says a rep from Apple denies that Starck is working on anything for Apple.

Prior to his death, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was working with Starck on a yacht. And this is very likely the “fairly, if not very, revolutionary” project he was talking about.

So is Starck trying to generate a buzz without good reason or is Apple trying to keep a big secret under wraps?

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