Apple Approves Vonage App

Apple has a lot of people wondering what’s behind the reversal of yet another longstanding policy – to not approve apps that are either competitive, offer duplicate services, or contain “inappropriate” content.

In recent days, however, Apple has approved forthcoming apps for Spotify’s streaming music app, the iPhone version of “Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown,” and now Apple has also approved the new Vonage app, a VoIP service that will be making its way to the App Store shortly.

For now, the executives at Vonage are said to be thrilled with the development and, at present, working with Apple to remove a few bugs from their emergent app.

Although the move is puzzling to some, the forthcoming app is a welcome development for Vonage customers. According to Bloomberg News, sales of the new application may help recover some losses sustained by the more than 100,000 customers Vonage lost in the past year as subscribers “opted for discounted digital-phone service from cable-television companies.”

Vonage says they are currently beta testing the app with its availability to be announced at a later date.