Apple App Store Tops Half Million iOS App Approvals

Apple has reached yet another major mailestone. And most of us slept right through it.

According to the folks at Chomp, a technology company that aims to solve app discovery problems with new search technologies, the number of individual apps approved by Apple for its iOS platform has exceeded the 500,000 threshold.

“Though the number of active apps available in the Apple App Store is roughly 400,000, the number of approved apps is a proven milestone for developers and app seekers alike,” the company stated in a release Tuesday morning.

Ben Keighran, CEO & Co-Founder of Chomp, added: “This is an exciting time for developers and organizations who believe in the continued growth of the app landscape and reaffirms app discovery as an important part of the development.”

In conjunction with the announcement, 148Apps, Chomp, and Chillingo, partnered up to produce an insightful new infographic, which highlights the full scope of the App Store’s growth achievement and really drives home the magnitude of this milestone.

Among the interesting findings:

  • It would cost $891,982.24 and over 7 terabytes to get all available applications.
  • Approximately 36% of all apps are free and paid apps have an average price of $3.64
  • Angry Birds released by Chillingo and developed by Rovio has held the number 1 paid spot more than any other app at 275 days total.

“The fact that it has taken less than three years to reach this number is remarkable,” says Jeff Scott, Founder of 148Apps. “With the improved tools for developers and steady adoption of smartphone technology, I anticipate there is still a lot of runway.”