Apple and Samsung Reportedly Set to Collaborate Again on Next iPhone

Apple and Samsung Reportedly Set to Work on Next iPhoneBy the time Apple’s iPhone 6s drops this fall (we’re assuming that’s what it will be called) the finished product will once again come at the hands of both Apple and Samsung.

For as much as the two warring mobile tech rivals seemingly despite one another, business continues to compel the mobile superpowers to work together in a highly lucrative mutually beneficial relationship.

According to The Korea Times, Samsung is set to serve up DRAM memory for its next-gen iPhone.

“The South Korea-tech giant was picked because of its ability to build massive amounts of DRAM at once, without much worry for component shortages,” TechnoBuffalo reported yesterday.

The Korean Times, however, believes that the component Apple needs will originate from the same division at Samsung that provides DRAM for Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S6, due to launch early next month.

For now, neither Apple nor Samsung will discuss details of the rumored extended partnership.