Apple and Samsung Could Reach Settlement Today

Chalk this one up to “possible but not likely.”

On Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Choi Gee Sung were scheduled to speak once again by telephone in hopes of reaching an amicable settlement to their ongoing legal feud.

Last week, the presiding judge in the trial ordered both chief executive officers to speak.

“I’m going to make one more request that CEOs from both sides speak by phone,” U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh said last Wednesday. “It’s at least worth one more try,” she added, reiterating that “it’s time for peace.”

Although it isn’t yet clear if the conversation has taken place, Bloomberg is reporting that lawyers for both companies will report back to Judge Koh later today once the scheduled conversation concludes.

Samsung is seeking as much as $399 million in royalties from Apple for infringing its patents, according to court testimony. Apple presented testimony that Samsung owed it $2.5 billion to $2.75 billion in damages.

While the “jury” is still out on what was said between Apple and Samsung executives today, deliberations in the trial could begin as soon as tomorrow.