Apple Allowing Donations via iTunes for Japanese Earthquake Victims

Apple made it possible over the weekend for users to place donations directly through iTunes, the latest effort of the digital media world to assist humanity in times of crisis and natural disaster.

The iTunes donation program has been established to help the victims of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that devastated Japan and sparked a tsunami that hit Friday.

According to Apple, 100% of the donations will go directly to the American Red Cross.

Apple is waiving its usual 30% fee and is currently accepting donations from $5-$200.

Apple has also posted a message on the Apple Store website in Japan that reads: ”To those who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami, we send sympathies from our heart. In this deep sadness, we are praying for the victims and their families.”

In addition to Apple, there is no shortage of ways to contribute to the disaster relief in Japan through a digital portal. If, however, you have any questions or doubts about the credibility of digital opportunities that arises, you can always play it safe and make your donation directly to the American Red Cross website.