Apple Adds New Features to App Store

Sprucing up the App Store with new bells and whistles has been a high priority for Apple as of late.

This week, Apple launched a new Genius recommendation tab for the iPad App Store, a helpful tool that will enable app lovers to filter through thousands of applications to find ones that are appropriately suited to their preferences.

Although Genius recommendations for the iPad was previously available exclusively via the desktop iTunes interface, the mobile version of this attribute should prove particularly helpful, especially in terms of providing insightful suggestions about other apps you may want based on Apple’s assessment of your recent purchases and perceived taste in apps.

In addition to the Genius upgrade, Apple also rolled out a new “Try Before You Buy” component for the App Store, which delivers free “light” versions of otherwise paid apps.

A sly sales effort to be sure, Apple is endeavoring to engage users with riveting free samples of hot apps that may actually succeed at convincing avid free app downloaders to actually pay for an app that they likely wouldn’t have discovered without this new feature.