Applause Teaming with Top Mobile Commerce Accelerator Upstream

Applause, a global leader in testing, feedback and research for digital experiences, announced this week that it is working with the leading mobile commerce accelerator Upstream to ensure valuable and user-friendly mobile experiences for consumers in emerging markets.

Upstream leverages the Applause global community of more than 250,000 professional software testers to ensure high-quality, accurately-localized content is delivered by its customers to their consumers.

With solutions in place across more than 40 countries, Upstream’s growth has extended its reach, and led to requirements for testing under real-world conditions, not in a lab environment. Extreme variances in network connectivity and the numbers of different devices, carriers and operating systems presented challenges for in-house replication. To ensure that the end user experiences were up to the level of quality Upstream is known for, the company looked to Applause.

“A large part of our value is to make sure the end users’ experience is flawless,” said Massimo del Vecchio, chief technology officer for Upstream. “Applause was the only vendor who could provide the breadth of testing coverage we needed across geographies, technologies, and business scenarios to ensure that high level of quality.”