Appia Debuts International Mobile Performance Based Advertising Network

Appia has gone globe-hopping with the official debut of a new international mobile performance based advertising network.

The world’s largest open app marketplace says the new network is designed for any app developers who want to guarantee ROI from their mobile advertising.

Unveiled today at the 2011 AppNation conference in San Francisco, the service gives developers a ‘pay per download’ opportunity, enabling developers to directly increase app downloads and only pay for results.

Appia’s new ad network enables developers to promote their apps by targeting ads by country and platform to promote their apps; it supports Android, iOS, Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Palm; and developers only pay for actual downloads of their apps. Developers can find out more and sign up at

According to Appia, dev can now target consumers across Appia’s distribution network, which Appia says delivered 22 million downloads in March alone.

The company claims to reach more than 200 million mobile subscribers in over 200 countries.

“While developers scramble to figure out discoverability in light of new policies within Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Marketplace, we are providing new options for developers to market and promote their apps and only pay for results,” said Jud Bowman, founder and CEO, Appia. “Our performance-based advertising network gives developers a powerful way to directly influence the placement and traffic of their apps, leading to greater discoverability and increased downloads.”

How does it work? Appia says its performance based advertising network is “directly integrated into the Appia Developer Program.” Once an application has been uploaded to the the Appia developer portal, the developer simply sets the bid price they want to pay per download, chooses the geographies they want to target, and selects a payment method.

Online reporting shows campaign activity broken down by platform, device and geography; giving developers insight into where their campaign is driving app downloads.