Appgo2market Launches DIY Mobile App Marketing Hub

Appgo2market Launches DIY Mobile App Marketing HubAppgo2market Inc. has just launched a new mobile-app-business hub with a goal of providing the knowledge for Do-It-Yourself mobile app marketing and monetization.

As many mobile app professionals struggle with the evolving industry which is new and highly fragmented, Appgo2market is now billed as the place for app developers, publishers, marketers and professional teams to go to manage their day-to-day business activities.

“We have decided to start Appgo2market after dealing with these very same challenges, as mentioned above, when we worked for global publishers,” explains Tsipi Joseph, Appgo2market Co-Founder.

“We wanted to be successful app marketers and we kept looking for ways to scale our achievements,” Joseph adds. “We were constantly searching for a professional authority that we can trust, that’s dedicated to mobile apps, and can provide us with valuable guidelines, templates to download, and direct access to experienced experts who can offer both advice and impartial reviews of the different tools that are available for app developers. We were struggling to find something like this!”

So by creating something that their industry lacked, Appgo2market is now raising the bar for the DIY mobile app marketing business.

“We are also unique because we don’t stop at the ‘how-to’ training, but also provide downloadable templates as part of the deal (those include visual creative templates such install ad banners, designed screenshots, report spreadsheets, communication materials and more),” Joseph concludes.