AppDynamics Touts AppDynamics Summer ‘16

how-it-works-fig4-1220x0-1-1220x0AppDynamics, an application intelligence company, announced Monday the release of its Summer ‘16, which includes the new Microservices iQ — the industry’s first solution built for the enterprise to accelerate digital transformation powered by microservices.

If you’re not familiar, Microservices iQ is a new performance engine in the App iQ Platform, which will help enable enterprises to deliver application performances that “exceed the scale, sophistication and velocity expectations of today’s customers.”

Uber and Amazon have established the new standard for customer experiences—global, mobile and at internet scale. Many enterprises envy their speed and scale and are attempting to emulate their disruptive innovation by investing aggressively in technology. As proven out by these industry leaders, one of the fastest paths to continuous and scalable innovation are microservices—one of the most promising trends in enterprise IT architectures.

“Every enterprise is in the midst of a digital transformation and looking for a faster and smarter way to manage their evolution,” said David Wadhwani, president and CEO of AppDynamics. “The world’s largest companies are eager to embrace microservices but are waiting for a scalable way of managing the potential impact on their IT infrastructures. With AppDynamics, they have the proven platform to accelerate their digital transformation and help future-proof their microservices investments.”