Appcelerator & FortiusOne Partner For First-Of-Its-Kind LBS Marketing Analytics Platform

Appcelerator & FortiusOne Partner For First-Of-Its-Kind LBS Marketing Analytics PlatformAppcelerator and location-analysis software provider FortiusOne have teamed to deliver the first ever location-based analytics platform for mobile applications.  As location-based mobile marketing continues to flourish, robust analytics to measure the effectiveness and ROI of campaigns have long been a missing link.

The new platform now allows enterprises, marketers and retailers to better understand where, when and how mobile applications are being used, allowing decision-makers to dynamically measure the impact of location-enabled mobile applications and social media on their company’s bottom line.  Appcelerator’s “Titanium+Geo” utilizes the core location analytics driving FortiusOne’s widely-adopted GeoIQ platform and extends its robust capability to capture, analyze and visualize real-time data from mobile devices and social media services.  The complete data management, visualization, and analysis platform enables intuitive exploration, sharing and collaboration around geo-tagged data.

Here’s a quick screenshot of the platform in action, click to enlarge:

Appcelerator & FortiusOne Partner For First-Of-Its-Kind LBS Marketing Analytics Platform

The platform works by combining internal data, such as coupons, customer databases and location information, with external data such as Twitter, demographic and competitive information to create actionable data — such as running a promotion, selling advertising, or opening a new location, for example.

Appcelerator’s unique platform allows developers to deploy mobile applications on Android, iPhone and Blackberry with a single set of source code, meaning developers can automatically capture the location of all mobile events and then combine and analyze massive amounts of dynamic data streaming from those mobile applications with data from their enterprise systems and the 45,000 data sets in the FortiusOne GeoCommons data marketplace.  Combined with the visual aspect of the new analytics platform, it gives marketers a better understanding of the ROI of mobile and social investments.

“People increasingly expect location-specific capabilities on their cell phones and companies are trying to make their information locally relevant,” said David Sonnen, senior analyst, IDC. “Until recently retailers and marketers were just guessing about the effectiveness of their content. Now Titanium+Geo gives decision makers real-time analytics that measure their mobile content’s effectiveness; making every dollar of expenditure targetable and measureable.”

While the technical aspects of the new platform sound intimidating, the usage of the platform is straightforward, simple and extremely powerful.  I had a chance to demo the platform at the Location-based Marketing Summit in NYC last week and speak to FortiusOne Founder & President Sean Gorman about how it works and how it can best be utilized in a number of scenarios.  Using a simple Google Maps overlay, the platform ties together almost any type of geo and campaign-specific data to create a visual mashup to show you in real-time how consumers are engaging with location-based campaigns and services.  Simply scrubbing a timeline at the bottom shows you exactly how users are interacting with campaigns, such as mobile coupon usage, in real-time to give you a simple and clear picture of the overall engagement.  What they’ve created is impressive to say the least.

Titanium+Geo will be available in Q4 2010 to Appcelerator’s 72,000+ developers worldwide as part of its Professional and Enterprise subscriptions, and on a trial basis to Community developers.  I’ve also embedded a demo video below of the platform in action to give you better understanding of how it all works.