App Store Offerings Getting More Expensive?

Is there really an audience for high end applications in the App Store? That’s the million dollar question for many developers and mobile marketers, particularly as a number of applications with lofty price tags continue to generate substantial buzz in the wake of their launch.

This week, the App Store is being hailed as a wannabe high-end boutique by some who are critical of the latest expensive application to reach the App Store. Although, if you’re not a law student, you’ll probably find little or no use for the application getting so much attention as a result of its price tag.

Certainly more practical than other high-end apps that aim to drain a pretty penny from those to whom money is no object, BarMax CA is another $1,000 app, but one that helps law students prepare for the bar exam. While app sticker shock could dissuade many from going through with this four-figure app purchase, BarMax is being billed as “a nice supplement” or possibly even a full replacement for other courses and study materials that law students depend upon for bar exam preparation. The average law student spends between $3,000 to $4,000 for similar prep guides or literature.

If you’re wondering whether BarMax comes with substance to back up its style, all reports indicate that it does. Packed with more than 1GB worth of prep work, thousands of pages of documents, and hundreds of hours of preparatory audio clips, a case could be made for a $1000 app actually worth the price tag in this situation.

BarMax CA, which is now available in the App Store, was built by a “team of Harvard lawyers and designed by top iPhone developers.”