App Store Growth Highlighted in WWDC Keynote

After a cute introduction from virtual assistant Siri, Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook kicked off this year’s WWDC at San Francisco’s Moscone Center today.

“We have a great week planned for you, and some really cool stuff to show you this morning. This is our 23rd WWDC,” Cook said. “Yes, it’s older than many of you are.”

The first point of business in the keynote today, was the App Store.

“The size and momentum are just phenomenal,” Cook said of the store’s growth. “We now have over 400 million accounts on the App Store… This is the store with the largest number of accounts with credit cards anywhere on the internet that we’re aware of.”

The App Store now has 650,000 apps.

“I’m very pleased to announce a new milestone for the app store,” Cook said. “Customers have now downlated an astounding 30 billion apps!”

As of this writing, more than $5 billion dollars have now been paid to iOS developers.