App Selected to Provide Real-Time Interaction at MMA’s SM2 Innovation Summit

App Selected to Provide Real-Time Interaction at MMA’s SM2 Innovation SummitThis year’s SM2 Innovation Summit will be held in New York over the next few days during Advertising Week.

Since the summit draws such large crowds, summit organizers were looking for ways in which they could provide real-time interaction—both to engage attendees, and to ensure things stay on track.

By partnering with HelloWorld, event attendees will get to experience the ways they can utilize the app’s technology firsthand, particularly when speaking of their innovative Beacon-based features.

By allowing advertisers to experience their Beacon-based technology firsthand at an event where successful engagement is essential, it will be easier for the advertisers in attendance to understand the role the Beacons can play in today’s world of advertising.

“Large conferences like the SM2 Innovation Summit require substantial time and investment to pull off successfully,” said Jen Gray, HelloWorld’s VP of Marketing. “With so much at stake, conference organizers need real-time engagement solutions to ensure that conference-goers are educated and satisfied with their experience.”

The app can be downloaded at both iTunes and Google Play.

“Using HelloWorld’s Rich Engagement Platform for our mobile app and live trivia helps us demonstrate cross-screen technology, which is one of the focus points of the event,” adds the MMA’s Chief Strategy Officer Sheryl Daija. “As a long-time active member of the MMA, HelloWorld has been a great partner for us as we continue to build educational and inspirational events for marketers.”