App Monetization Platform Confirms Latest Acquisition

App Monetization Platform Confirms Latest AcquisitionMMW was recently briefed by appnext, an app monetization and distribution platform, on its latest acquisition.

The company has just acquired appHome for $2.5 million.

AppHome, if you’re unfamiliar, is a developer of social apps and games behind a proprietary technology that is being integrated into appnext’s platform.

This technology, which facilitates the development of more effective app monetization solutions, enables appnext’s pool of developers (which number well into the thousands), publishers and other partners to benefit from the creation and management of a native advertising platform and new innovative monetization tools via the API.

According to a statement provided to MMW, appnext’s platform enables app developers to easily create their own native ads integrated into the app’s design and user experience. The native ads can be customized according to any app’s design specifications and are therefore, a natural extension of the app’s content. As a result, the native ads run by appnext developers outperform run of network ads by a reported 200%.

“Having partnered with AppHome, we grew to appreciate the team and their technology, and felt that bringing them into appnext made the most strategic sense,” said Elad Natanson, founder of appnext.  “It’s AppHome’s technology which lets us create an open access API to our platform, and enable each of our partners to develop unique monetization tools around our app promotion engine. Since we implemented this technology, we have already served over 1B app recommendations through our media partners alone in the last few months.”