App Engagement Boosted By Bigger Screens

Smith Micro, Zonetail Hone in on Contextual Mobile Marketing in Hospitality AppsAccording to new research and data from Localytics, bigger screens are a powerful catalyst for greater app engagement.

“Our research shows that users are spending 23 percent more time in apps on five inch, or larger, screens versus small screen devices,” reports Localytics. “Time in app is measured as a function of both frequency (as measured by the average number of app launches per month) and length (as measured by the average time spent in an app across all sessions per month).”

Per the report summary provided by MAW, research shows smartphone users spend almost 66 minutes in each individual app per month on five inch screens, compared to 52 minutes a month in each app on four inch devices.

“What exactly makes up this difference? The gap exists because users launch apps 21 percent more on five inch devices than on four inch devices,” according to Localytics. “The larger screens have improved the mobile experience in many ways, and users seem to be taking advantage by visiting apps on these devices more often.”

Obviously, five inch devices — which also have a 3.53 percent higher average session length m— make watching videos, reading, and playing games much more enjoyable. They’re also more time-intensive activities.

Currently, MAW notes, the iPhone SE is lagging behind models of comparable size, but then it’s perhaps too soon to tell.

“Users are likely still experimenting with the iPhone SE, trying out their apps and finding out which ones work best on the smaller screen which impacts the model’s overall time in app,” the report explains.

Want to know more? Check out the full post from Localytics here.