App Developers Are Going for ‘Broke’ in Their Field

Mobile app developers are plentiful, but they have a way to go before they are truly profitable.

According to the latest GigaOM Pro study, the majority of mobile app developers aren’t raking in the type of cash that Rovio and its Angry Birds have.

In fact, most mobile app developers can’t support themselves completely on their craft.

In a recent GigaOM Pro study (subscription required) of app developers, more than half of the respondents say they make less than $500 a month from their paid apps.

“Perhaps not surprisingly, app development isn’t a full-time job for most of them,” the article from GigaOM suggests, but some 75% of respondents either hold another job or do app development only as a “portion of their main job.”

The picture is even grimmer for developers of advertising-dependent apps — a third of those developers make less than $100 a month in ad revenue, according to the study.

Only about 5 percent of app developers surveyed make $20,000 a month or more. And as the article is quick to point out, these profitable developers “tend to be part of big app firms.”