Apigee Strengthens Innovative API Analytics And Mashup Platform

Apigee Strengthens Innovative API Analytics And Mashup PlatformAPIs have become an important aspect of the Web, powering unique mashups, services and solutions that work with leading data providers such as Google, Twitter and Facebook.  For developers working with varying sets of APIs, however, there’s few resources available to help organize, analyze and create enhanced mashups in a centralized environment.

Apigee, an innovative startup out of Santa Clara, CA, entered the market last August with its free, self-service API management tool to fill the aforementioned gap, and is posting strong growth numbers in only a few short months.  Through adding robust functionality since its launch, Apigee is poised to gather never-before-seen insight into the state of API usage across the Web and mobile platforms.

Built on Sonoa’s industrial-strength cloud service and API infrastructure that powers the likes of MTV Networks and MySpace, among others, Apigee now features a revamped Web interface, animated API setup and rate limiting dialogues following its latest update.  These features allow users to easily get started, view detailed analytics on API requests over time and determine automatic responses to changes that can disrupt service.  Apigee has also added SSL support for APIs based on HTTPS protocols, opening up prominent APIs including PayPal to safe, efficient usage and deep visibility.

Through developers use of its platform, Apigee is quickly gaining valuable insight into how APIs are being used, and has identified a continued trend for location-based functionality and social media mashups.  Some apps that are already using Apigee include mLocal, which aggregates local classified advertising, Social Mention, which indicates social sentiment across varying social networks, as well as Flikr Photosets, a Facebook Flikr app that’s built using APIs from both Facebook and Flikr, proxied through Apigee.

“APIs are changing the face of Web and mobile for both big companies and individual developers alike, and Apigee is proving to be an ideal platform to create some pretty innovative apps and mash-ups,” says Brian Mulloy, co-creator of Apigee. “Additionally, with more and more users adopting Apigee, we have the potential to find out what that change looks like- how fast it’s growing, what platforms are being used, and what access and usage trends are developing – empowering our users to be smarter about managing and running their apps in today’s Web API economy.”