Apigee Introduces Groundbreaking API Exchange Platform

On Thursday, API company Apigee heralded the launch of the Apigee API Exchange, the first API exchange platform designed to power app ecosystems in any industry.

With the introduction of the API Exchange, Apigee is further extending its API leadership with a solution that enables businesses to seamlessly share data and services through apps.

According to the company’s formal announcement this morning, the API Exchange is positioned to “dramatically simplify and accelerate” the development and use of API-powered apps in a global marketplace.

“APIs are the ‘nervous system’ of our new digital world,” says Chet Kapoor, Apigee’s CEO. “Being able to share services and data through interoperable APIs is crucial to establishing modern, digital ecosystems in any industry. This is especially true in industries where competition or regulation has created fragmentation, such as in telecommunications, healthcare and travel. The API Exchange will let consumers use apps and APIs seamlessly across disparate businesses within an industry, similar to roaming on mobile phones.”

To learn more about the Apigee API Exchange, which is available now for telecommunications service providers, click here.