AP Mobile News Geared For iPhone & Others

The Associated Press had announced their new “Mobile News Network” at its annual meeting in Washington back in April, with only six newspaper companies working to help develop the new service. Now, more than 100 of its member newspapers have joined, and have launched a new service that will make news stories available on Apple’s iPhone and other mobile devices.

As we’ve talked about, the fate of print newspapers is quickly coming true, now that most people would rather get their news online rather than pay a subscription. With the lack in readership, comes the lack of advertisers which is vital to the newspapers. The new AP mobile service will give it’s members a new mobile advertising medium that shares the revenues with each member, hoping to add more ad-revenue to the struggling industry. Companies that help connect advertisers with networks of Web sites will be among the sellers of ads for the new service.

The service will deliver local news from participating member newspapers and national and international news from AP, with local reports being organized by ZIP code. Google, Yahoo, and others also offer news services tailored for mobile devices, but Jeffrey Litvack, global product development director for AP, said the Mobile News Network would offer “easier access to local news stories.” I find this kind of hard to believe, given the fact that Google and Yahoo mobile news have been around for a while, and user’s have already gotten used to the ease-of-use and intuitiveness, especially with Google. AP news is already provided through Google, along with a ton of other sources, and obviously, the AP would rather get the ad-revenue than the ever-present Google. We’ll see if it works out as they’ve hoped…