AOL’s Platform-A Offers “Partitioned” Mobile Marketing

AOL launched its mobile advertising solution- “Platform-A” today, with help from Third Screen Media’s well-rooted platform and network. It’s a solution that should work across all mobile platforms, and provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to “partition” an ad-inventory.

What this means, is that publishers can dictate exactly how their ad-inventory is distributed across multiple networks, as well as assign specific percentages of their inventory to be allocated based on any combination of ad network, subject area, location and more.

Platform-A sees mobile as a key component of the digital advertising landscape, and is aggressively focused on building its mobile advertising business, said Lynda Clarizio, President of Platform-A. Todays launch makes it easier than ever for publishers to monetize their ad inventory. By implementing inventory partitioning as a part of Third Screen Medias third-party ad-serving solution, were offering publishers a powerful new way to manage, control and prioritize the distribution of inventory to their advertising partners.

While traditional third-party distribution systems use campaign-based tools to allocate inventory, Platform-As solution offers a myriad of highly targeted options for defining inventory allocation. AOL’s thinking is obviously to be as targeted as possible, and partitioning was the best option to achieve this.

It’s important for AOL, as it tries to re-structure itself, to be well-rooted in mobile advertising. The company seems to be dropping a lot of it’s side businesses to focus more on advertising, and choosing Third Screen Media, who obviously understands mobile ad-serving, was a great preemptive approach to one-up the future competition.