AOL Continues Aggressive Mobile Marketing Initiatives

On Tuesday I commented on AOL’s news making partnership with Virgin. As it turns out, AOL was just getting warmed up for the week.

To better cover the full scope of the mobile marketing field, AOL has just announced that it has formed yet another partnership with a company called JumpTap. They will serve “sponsored search results” on its mobile browser sold on a cost-per-click, or CPC, basis, while its own Third Screen Media serves display ads are sold by cost per thousand, or CPM impressions.

In addition, AOL is currently selling what it calls “advertorial” placements on its mobile browser, where other companies can then pay for content such as downloadable ringtones or wallpapers to appear at the top of search results. AOL also contracts with Ingenio to handle pay-per-call advertising.

For the remainder of 2008, it is clear that, as a content provider, AOL will be primarily focused on the advertising potential of mobile web services. However, as a spokesman for AOL reluctantly admitted, since so few people actually spring for the data plans that make mobile marketing campaigns worth it, the more immediate advertising possibilities for AOL involve the good old basic elements of mobile phone communication: talk and text.

Every week AOL seems to pull a new rabbit out of their mobile marketing hat. With summer on the horizon and the youth segment ready to come out and play… and spend… it will be interesting to see what AOL has planned in the coming weeks and months.

Stay tuned.