Antavo, Emarsys Partner to Provide New E-commerce Loyalty Programs

imagesMMW learned Thursday that Emarsys, a provider of cloud marketing software for B2C companies, has partnered with Antavo, a UK-based company that has developed a SaaS solution for gamified e-commerce reward programs.

This partnership provides Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud e-commerce customers loyalty programs based on rewarding behaviors and engagement — another powerful step in customer retention and increasing customer lifetime value.

As most loyalty programs are transactional, using a spend-a-dollar, earn-a-point approach, Emarsys chose Antavo because the company instead rewards behaviors and engagements.  With e-commerce customers, this includes purchases, friend referrals, social sharing, content consumption, and contest entries, among other behaviors and engagements.

With this partnership, MMW is told, Emarsys clients in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Ireland can now take advantage of Antavo’s loyalty programs within their online stores, to increase repeat purchases and customer lifetime value.

“We are excited to welcome Antavo as our first customer loyalty partner. This is indicative of the commitment we have to customer retention,” said Adi Topaz, Business Unit Manager for Emarsys. “Antavo’s unique approach to customer loyalty has proven success, and we feel that they will make a significant difference to our e-commerce clients.”