Another Day, Another Acquisition for Apple

As Mobile Marketing Watch reported Wednesday, Apple has allegedly just inked a deal to acquire media consultancy group Particle. And on Thursday, the acquisition rumor mill didn’t rest.

This morning, speculation surfaced that Apple is close to sealing the deal on acquiring video sharing company Color Labs.

Color Labs, the photo-and-video-sharing social network that received much criticism over its pre-launch $41 million funding round, is about to be acquired by Apple. We’ve heard through trusted sources that the startup was nabbed for a price that is in the ‘high double digits’, as in millions, and that the deal is ‘done’, though papers have yet to be signed.

TNW reports that the pending deal has been in the works for months. If an acquisition takes place, it won’t be the first time company founder Bill Nguyen has sold one of his ventures to Apple. Three years ago, Apple acquired Lala for $80 million.

With regard to why Apple may be interested in Color Labs, educated speculation suggests that Apple is after the company’s various Color’s patents.