Announcing Your Mobile POS To The World

Announcing Your Mobile POS To The WorldWithout a doubt, mobile payment processing is in growing demand. From PayAnyhwere to GoPayment, some of the leading players in the game are now instantly recognized by almost every knowledgeable small business in America.

However, some retailers who have pre-established payment solutions may not see the value in making the change to a combined stationary and mPOS—or a mobile only POS. If you have developed an mPOS solution, learning how to announce its presence to retailers and consumers will make or break your success.

Even if you have the best mPOS on the market, if you fail to let its presence be known it will never succeed. The tips below are essential for marketing your mobile payment solutions.

Market To Retailers And Consumers Alike

While it may seem as if most of your marketing resources should be primarily invested in direct marketing you retailers, a vast majority must be invested in marketing to consumers too. The reason is twofold:

  1. Consumers will begin asking for mPOS solutions.
  2. It will lessen the retailer’s investment in marketing their new mPOS option.

Offer A Marketing Kit With You mPOS

Once you land a retailer, they will require tools to let their consumer know that they now offer mobile payment processing too. To make this easier provide, them with a marketing kit as part of their initial set up. This can include in-store signage, email templates, and predesigned online banners.

Highlight Your Benefits

Many retailers don’t yet see their need for mobile payment solutions, or assume that mPOS will be complicated to use and set up. It is essential that you highlight the benefits as far as increased sales, and how intuitive your software is. Not only that, offer statistics such as how much business typically increases by adding a mobile solution.