Angry Birds Finally Runs Free on iOS

Talk about ruffling some feathers. As of Thursday morning, Angry Birds are running wild and free – literally – in the Apple App Store.

In hopes of giving a boost to its fast-aging games, Rovio has made the original iPhone and iPad versions of the Angry Birds games available at no charge.

The moves come as some have observed that Rovio has of late fallen out of the top 80 highest grossing iPhone apps — for the first time since May 2010.

The games in question would usually cost between $0.99 for the iPhone app and $2.99 for the iPad app.

Ouriel Ohayon of Appsfire tells Tech Crunch that this is the first time in 24 updates to the iPhone app where Angry Birds have flown south (in terms of price) for the winter.

“Why [did] they do it? Because there is in app, because [of] free distribution, because [it’s an] end of life cycle game,” Ohayon says.