Android Users Dominate Facebook Mobile Access

Although monetizing mobile users has been a problem for Facebook, getting people to access the social network through their mobile device hasn’t been tough at all.

With nearly 500 million people regular Facebook users, more and more information regarding the social network’s mobile popularity is coming to light.

According to a report Thursday from NPD Group, Facebook’s app and website were accessed by nearly three-fourths of U.S. Android smartphone users in March, making it the most used social networking website and app on the Android platform.

Facebook is maintaining its social networking strength as the proportion of Android smartphone users accessing its mobile app and website has held steady over the past six months. Facebook users spend over 15 minutes a day, almost 470 minutes a month, using the Facebook app on their Android smartphones. While it’s half the time users spend on a mobile game, the fluid nature of social networking apps translates into frequent dips – with Facebook users opening the app an average of 6 times per day.

“Ultimately, Facebook’s mobile success rests on delivering compelling mobile app and web experiences, and monetizing on these experiences,” said Linda Barrabee, research director at NPD Connected Intelligence. “In order to do this, Facebook needs to ensure that monetization efforts via advertising enhance and do not disrupt the mobile social consumer experience; and with Facebook’s IPO looming and trading expected to begin on May 18, all eyes are on the company.”