Android Poised To Suffer From Verizon iPhone Push

Verizon is gearing up for a major publicity push to herald the arrival of the iPhone on its network.

In the coming days, the nation’s largest mobile operator will take to the web, print, and air with an elaborate PR campaign that, according to industry analysts, will likely impact smartphones running Android most severely.

On Tuesday, Verizon announced that the hugely popular Apple touchscreen smartphone will no longer be exclusively paired with AT&T in the US.

“We’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time,” Apple COO Tim Cook told reporters yesterday. “All of Apple is very, very excited to serve Verizon’s 93 million customers.”

Consequently, prominent Kaufman Bros. Shaw Wu noted this morning that the direction of Verizon’s “marketing muscle” will likely come at Android’s expense in the days and weeks ahead as iPhone fever sweeps the nation once more.

“On its homepage, Verizon is already highlighting the iPhone 4 and iPad as flagship products with not much else in sight,” Wu observed.

While it isn’t yet clear just how significant yesterday’s mobile bombshell will prove to competing operating systems, a plethora of business and tech analysts say early 2011 could be a very ugly period for non-iOS devices.