Android Passes iPhone In U.S. Traffic, According To AdMob

Android Passes iPhone In U.S. Traffic, According To AdMobAdMob today published its latest Mobile Metrics Report for March, focusing once again on the growth of the Android platform.  The report indicates that, for the first time, Android has surpassed iPhone in U.S traffic — or smartphone requests to AdMob’s network that is.

Android now accounts for 46% of U.S. smartphone share, while the iPhone OS slid to 39%.  Android’s traffic was divided relatively evenly between the three primary versions of the Android OS: Android 1.5 (38%), Android 2.0/2.1 (35%) and Android 1.6 (26%), with overall Android traffic growing at a compounded monthly growth rate of 32% per month, going from 72 million requests in March 2009 to 2 billion in March 2010.

The growth of Android is directly attributed to the increasing number of devices using the open source OS- only seven months ago, for example, the HTC Dream and HTC Magic collectively represented 96% of Android traffic, while in March 2010, 11 devices represented 96% of Android’s total traffic to AdMob.

Though the report was dominated by Android data, there were some interesting tidbits regarding iPhone traffic in AdMob’s network as well, including traffic breakdowns for each generation of iPhone OS devices.  The iPhone 3GS captured 39% of iPhone OS requests, followed by the 2nd generation iPod touch (25%) and the iPhone 3G (20%).