Android Outsells iPhone 2 to 1 In Summer Smartphone Sales

New smartphone data out from Nielsen details the effect of no summer iPhone announcement on smartphone sales.

According to the data, Android devices outsold iPhone a full 2 to 1 this summer, and in total, 56% of all smartphones sold since June have been Android.  Among Nielsen’s sample of 25,000 mobile phone owners, 43% have Android devices.  Meanwhile, 28% of people who bought a smartphone in the last three months purchased an iPhone, which is consistent with the overall market share of iPhones.  Eighteen percent of respondents have a BlackBerry, although only 9% bought one in the last three months.

These numbers would obviously had been different if Apple had in fact announced the iPhone 5 in June like it has in previous years.  Still, Android’s dominance isn’t slowing down any time soon.  Nielsen found that smartphone adoption continues to rise (big surprise I know), but also detailed an interesting stat — although 43% of respondents have a smartphone, 58% bought one rather than a feature phone over the past three months.