Android May Be World’s Monster Mobile Platform, But Issues Could Hurt Future Success

Android May Be World's Monster Mobile Platform, But Issues Could Hurt Future SuccessIf one examines the entire globe to get a bead on smartphones, one thing is clear: Android is the single-largest platform.

“Android has 1.4 billion monthly active users on its smartphones and tablets thanks to its enormous selection and ability to appeal to numerous segments of the smartphone consumer market,” reports BusinessInsider this week.

The problem? Perhaps an age-old one: with proliferation come vulnerabilities.

“Due to its open-source variants, the Android ecosystem is highly fragmented, which presents numerous issues in terms of security and app development,” according to BusinessInsider. “As key smartphone markets shift from developed regions like the U.S. and China to emerging markets like India and Brazil, Google will try to maintain its control of Android via its Android One project, while third-party vendors will push regionalized versions of Android to better cater to new consumer markets.”

In fact, a new report from BI Intelligence sizes up the current Android platform and examines its greatest opportunities and challenges in key markets.

“We also explore the effects of fragmentation on Android, the limitations it presents to growing segments of the Android ecosystem, such as Android Wear and Android Pay, and discuss how its massive growth is presenting challenges to mobile advertisers and app developers looking to reach Android’s large user base,” notes BusinessInsider.

Some pressing issues?

“Fragmentation is the platform’s greatest challenge. One-third of consumers with Android devices are still using versions of the platform released in 2012 or earlier. The lack of a cohesive platform complicates app and security development.”

The full report is now available. To learn more, click here.