Android Malware Infection Doubled in 2012, Says NQ Mobile

Security solutions giant NQ Mobile reports that malware attacks on smartphones powered by Android grew exponentially last year.

Monday’s report underscores the recent wave of concern regarding the vulnerability of Google’s mobile operating system to such attacks.

In 2012, the Android OS continued to be the number one target for mobile malware. Overall, the number of malware attacks more than doubled from 2011 to 2012.

According to NQ mobile, one of the biggest and most profitable trends for cybercriminals in 2012 was combining mobile malware with social engineering techniques (Phishing and Smishing) to gain access to users’ financial information.

Among the key findings of the new report are:

  • 163% increase in mobile malware: NQ Mobile discovered over 65,227 new pieces of mobile malware in 2012 vs. only 24,794 in 2011
  • 94.8% of malware discovered in 2012 was designed to attack Android devices vs. only 4% targeting Symbian
  • 28% of mobile malware discovered in 2012 was designed to collect and profit from a user’s personal data

To review the entire report from NQ Mobile, click here.