Android Getting Netflix in 2011

Uber-popular online rental and streaming video provider Netflix is expanding its reach deep into mobile territory.

Having already cozied up to Apple and even the folks at Microsoft, Netflix will soon be available through Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Greg Peters of Netflix product development posted the following on the official Netflix Blog: “I’m happy to announce we’ll launch select Android devices that will instantly stream from Netflix early next year. We will also continue to work with the Android community, handset manufacturers, carriers, and other service providers to develop a standard, platform-wide solution that allows content providers to deliver their services to all Android-based devices.”

Android users have been looking forward to the expansion of Netflix to their chosen mobile operating system for months. Suspicions about Android welcoming Netflix were furthered last summer when Netflix began seeking an “Android Video Playback Expert” via a job posting on the company’s website.

All is now set for a near future debut of Netflix on Android.

“We are eager to launch on these devices,” writes Peters, “and are disappointed that we haven’t been able to do so already.”

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