Android Devices Get New Voice Assistant

Android devices are gaining a powerful new virtual voice assistant.

AVX is a newly released voice assistant for Android that is particularly “useful in the car.”

According to the folks behind the creation, the new voice assistant is even better than Apple’s Siri.

The latest version now includes support for NFC tags on compatible devices. Aside from the regular voice assistant features it has the following list of abilities that are all hands-free accessible using just your voice:

  • Read and reply to incoming text messages including those from your Google Voice account. There is no safer app for in-car texting.
  • Read and reply to email. You can configure multiple email accounts including MS Exchange.
  • Schedule calendar appointments, either as quick reminders or fully integrated Google calendar events that will notify the attendees automatically.
  • Location based reminders and actions allow you to be reminded or even run any other command when you leave, pass or arrive at a location. You can even qualify these with direction of travel or time of day.
  • Hands-free calling of any contacts in your address book or simply dialing a business or number.

To review a full list of features and learn more about the release, click here.