Android Developers Gain Industry Leading Resources Through New Airpush SDK

Late last week, Airpush rolled out its new SDK 5.0. And the second largest ad network for Android is now being praised in response to the SDK’s sophisticated tools and sources.

Equally important to some, however, is that the Airpush SDK was designed to coincide with the recently revised Google Developer Policy. Airpush was even sensitive to the guidelines touted by mobile security company Lookout.

Over the last week, Android developers who have explored the SDK have mostly expressed tremendous enthusiasm for the advanced mobile advertising capabilities made possible by Airpush. The flagship feature of SDK 5.0 is SmartWall, a fresh mobile ad format which dynamically optimizes between multiple sub-formats such as Rich Media, AppWall, Video and Interstitials.

App developers no longer need to choose between the overwhelming numbers of full-page mobile ad formats available on the market. Via a single SDK, SmartWall determines the optimal full-page ad format to display in real-time based on yield, network connection type, and other parameters. During testing, SmartWall generated significantly higher CPM’s than other leading full-page ad formats and represents a major leap forward for both developers and advertisers.

“Airpush has really stepped up to the plate and created a magnificent set of tools that are significant even in today’s increasingly more complex and competitive mobile ad market,” tech business analyst Mike Randazzo stated upon the SDK’s release. “Developers will flock to this both because of the revenue potential and the shear sophistication of it all.”

SmartWall ads, Randazzo adds, “will give a big boost to the developers who embrace the opportunity.”

Not surprisingly, the folks at Airpush are enjoying the overwhelmingly positive feedback they have received from Android developers in the wake of the SDk’s release.

“We started Airpush with the goal of creating the best way for advertisers and consumers to interact,” said Asher Delug, Founder and CEO of Airpush. “The mobile community is made up of developers who need to generate real revenue from their products so that they can continue to innovate, advertisers who want to interact with their audience in a targeted way and consumers who consistently ask for relevant and exciting offers in order to improve both their mobile and real-world lives. The newest version of our SDK successfully addresses all of these wants while also complying with the new Google Developer Policy and Lookout Mobile Ad Guidelines. This helps to ensure that the mobile experience is a safe, enjoyable and productive one for everyone.”

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