Android Ad Requests See Big Pop in October

Based on the findings of Millennial Media’s October S.M.A.R.T. report, impressions across the Millennial Media mobile advertising network jumped a significant 34% month-over-month in October.

The real story, however, is Android.  Android requests grew 65 percent month-over-month, the report notes, adding that the platform has seen a 2182% growth spurt since January 2010.

Not too shabby.

Only a few short weeks ago, in fact, Millennial revealed that Android is presently tied with Apple’s iOS as the leading smartphone operating system within its mobile advertising network.

Remarkably, nearly three-quarters of all impressions in October 2010 were generated by those two platforms.

“On our network, impressions increased 34% month-over-month and average monthly page views per user increased to 171,” writes Mack McKelvey,  Senior Vice President of Marketing, on the Millennial Blog.

“This significant growth month-over-month on our network is a clear indicator of advertisers’ commitment to investing in a persistent mobile presence this holiday season,” McKelvey adds.

To check out Millennial Media’s October S.M.A.R.T. report, click here.