Anchor Mobile Makes ‘Smartbombs’ Out of Mobile Marketing

Anchor Mobile is taking the approach of warfare to mobile marketing. At least that’s how it sounds.

Anchor Mobile has announced the launch of a new location aware SMS platform called “Smartbombs – the guided missile of mobile marketing.”

As the truly peaceful folks at Anchor go on to explain, location aware SMS will not require a smartphone or mobile application to engage; “which will come as a relief to the 65 percent of Americans who do not currently own a smartphone.”

The location aware SMS alert platform is currently compatible with 90 percent of all cellular phones in the United States and works with carriers, Verizon, AT&T, U.S. Cellular, and T-Mobile.

“With this platform,” says Anchor Mobile CEO, T.J. Kirgin, “an advertiser can create geo-fencing around different geographic areas similar to geo-fences in Google Ad Words. You can then create SMS alert campaigns tied directly into geo-fences.”

When a subscriber is inside a geo-fencing boundary during a campaign, an SMS alert can be triggered and sent directly to their cell phone automatically, based on their location.

“This will allow advertisers to set up unlimited geo-fencing perimeters inside the platform as well as an unlimited number of campaigns per geo-fence,” says Kirgin.

Simply put, mobile marketing is getting smarter by the minute. And Anchor Mobile is intelligently harnessing this equally intelligent and burgeoning practice.