Analytics Platform Guarantees More “Bango” For Your Buck

Surfing YouTube this afternoon, I came across this short video hosted by Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango, self-proclaimed creator of the world’s first global exchange for the mobile web.

The video, which speaks to Bango’s mobile analytics tool, provided an interesting visual illustration of a service that will likely peak the interest of many. At present, Bango customers can now turn to the Bango mobile analytics tool and use the new goal comparison feature to see which mobile advertising campaigns and traffic sources deliver the best conversion rates.

According to Bango, advertisers can even compare the value of the traffic from third-party ad services using independent data provided by Bango Analytics. This is welcome news in the wake of several companies reporting discrepancies approaching 20% between the traffic they are getting and what they have paid for.

“It’s not the number of hits on your site that ultimately matters but whether they convert into value for the business,” says Ray Anderson.”Being able to measure ROI through accurate tracking can make the difference between success and failure.”

Bango Analytics operates as a hosted service that enables mobile website owners to connect their sites to the analytics service free of charge. You can check it out at