Analyst: Two-Thirds of Americans Will Own iPhones in Four Years

Analyst Two-Thirds of Americans will Own iPhones in Four YearsWithin four years, approximately two-thirds of Americans will own iPhones.

That’s the projection from Asymco analyst Horace Dediu, who s out with a new report on Apple’s market growth in the United States.

Dediu’s estimates are based on comprehensive analysis of the domestic smartphone market among other factors pertinent to Apple.

Following the completion of his mathematical equation, Dediu’s conclusions suggest that Apple is poised to reach a new level of market dominance in the United States.

If the numbers projected go on to manifest, approximately two-thirds of Americans will own and use an iPhone by 2017.  That amounts to roughly 180 million Americans using Apple’s iPhone within four years.

To review Dediu’s calculations and corresponding projections, click here.