Analyst Says Apple Will Introduce ‘iRing’ This Year

It sounds like a bad April Fool’s joke delivered two days too late. But, in reality, this is a legitimate headline resulting from new claims made by one of Wall Street’s most prominent industry analysts.

On Wednesday, Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets told investors that Apple will not only launch it’s iTV this year, the company will “revolutionize the TV experience forever” by introducing the iRing, which will control the connected HDTV.

The “iRing” accessory described by White is a new concept that has not been previously detailed in other reports. His visits with Apple suppliers suggested the ring will act as a “navigation pointer” for the television, and will allow the TV set to enhance motion detection and replace some of the functionality found in a remote.

White tells Apple Insider that the “iTV” will come with a “mini iTV” screen capable of letting users view content on the smaller 9.7-inch display.

This “secondary display” could provide iTV owners with an added resource to be used for everything from home security to video conferencing.

“Essentially, we believe the ‘mini iTV’ screens will be able to capture content from the 60-inch ‘iTV’ across a distance of up to 200 meters, allowing a user to view ‘iTV’ content in the kitchen, washroom, garage, bedroom, backyard, etc.,” White says. “We believe Apple will offer one ‘mini iTV’ per ‘iTV,’ but package options will include up to four screens (i.e., one screen is part of the standard package and pay extra for each additional.”