An eCommerce ‘River’ Runs Through India

An eCommerce 'River' Runs Through IndiaDigital River, a global provider of Commerce-as-a-Service solutions, has set its sights on India, one of the world’s foremost emerging mobile markets and a nation with an increasing fascination with online shopping.

This week, representatives for Digital River briefed MMW on their company’s latest expanded offerings in India through a strategic partnership with local ecommerce provider Net Distribution Services.

The partnership, we’re told, will enable global merchants to offer preferred payment methods and local customer support services for branded online stores dedicated to the sale of products in India.

“We are committed to continuing to extend our geographic reach and open opportunities for our clients in emerging markets such as Brazil, China, India and Russia,” said Thomas Peterson, executive vice president and general manager of commerce at Digital River.

“In combination with NDS,” Peterson adds, “we can now offer merchants a local alternative to online marketplaces in India, a market known for complex ecommerce regulations. Our direct-to-commerce solution enables them to develop a local store presence while maintaining control over their marketing, pricing and partner strategies, and creating a best-in-class online experience for shoppers in India.”